Food & Drink Federation (FDF) and Indian Market Entry Specialist Sannam S4 have teamed up with the Department of International Trade (DIT) to help UK Food and Drink companies access DIT’s new Global Growth Programme across English regions.

DIT’s Global Growth Programme is a 6-month programme designed to deliver a tangible leg-up for internationally ambitious UK companies by complementing DIT’s ongoing support with external, bespoke expertise such as Sannam S4’s bespoke Indian market-entry services. Subject to qualifying criteria, this support will be 50% match-funded by DIT up to a maximum total cost of £7000.

As a sign of Sannam S4’s commitment to the UK Food and Drink Sector under the DIT’s Global Growth Programme, and subject to qualifying criteria, Sannam S4 will also add a further layer of co-investment meaning that support worth up to £10,500 can be obtained at a cost of £3,500.

For further information, contact:
Brian Hyland
Tel +44 (0)7377 726426
Email: brian.hyland@sannams4.com

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