Published biweekly, the COVID-19 education team sentiment snapshot highlights information drawn from a survey conducted every two weeks in an effort to gather on-the-ground intelligence from our education team to assist all our stakeholders (students, Universities, Agents, etc.) in preparing for the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 situation. This snapshot presents the insights from a survey conducted with our education team in the US from October 4 – October 17, 2021.

We surveyed our in-country representatives for various Universities across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America

Key Findings

 Education Team Outlook

  • Neutral (17%)
  • Positive (83%)

Student Outlook

  • Positive (100%)

Education Stakeholder outlook

  • Neutral (40%)
  • Positive (60%)

Agent Outlook 

  • Uncertain (50%)
  • Positive (50%)

Overall Sentiment of the Education Market

  • Positive (100%)

Top Student Queries

  • The major focus of the education team in the next two weeks will be Student Counselling (100%),Engaging Stakeholders (83%), Planning/Research (67%) & Conversion (33%)
  • 33% of our education team foresees to attend 4 agent fairs weekly, while 33% foresee attending 5 agent fairs in the next 2 weeks, 17%foresee attending 5 agent fairs in the next 9 weeks & 17% foresee attending 1 agent fair in the next 2 weeks
  • 83% of our team foresees participating in student panels in the next two weeks, Parent Panels (83%), Counsellor Panels (83%), Schools Panels (50%) & Colleges Panels (33%) 
  • For reaching out to students for undergraduate programs, 100% of the education team is focussing on College fairs, High School Visits (100%), Transfer Fairs (50%)  & Webinars focused on UG students (50%)
  • 83% of the team suggest they will be supporting Canada, South America (33%) & Latin America (17%)
  • While working with high schools, the education team suggests that major challenges they see in 2022 are Not being able to get a visit in person scheduled because every school will be trying to get their foot in the door by spring. I’m already seeing that this Fall, Lack of APs, Test scores: SAT, AP, Balancing in-person and virtual events, Engaging students interest during busy times of the school year
  • While working with high schools, the education team suggests the opportunities they see in 2022 are Hopefully being able to visit in person, and discuss the Uni with more counselors if they’re not overwhelmed with as much virtual/distance learning and work, Being able to convey “homegrown curriculum” that is comparable to honors/AP to King’s admissions because a lot of schools are moving away from the AP curriculum, More diversity and inclusion efforts, students ready to travel after being stuck at home, In-person fairs, connecting with counselors
  • The education team suggests that while working with agents, the major challenges they see in 2022 are the Quality of students, and us not being the only Uni or first choice Uni that the Agent is helping the student work with
  • While working with Agents, the education team suggests the opportunities they see in 2022 are Promotion through their digital advert opportunities
  • 83% of the team suggests that on average 1-25 of students in the US are currently taking remote classes, while 17% of the team estimates 25-50 students 
  • The education team suggests that UK (67%), Germany (17%) & New Zealand (17%) have done a good job of managing and communicating around the impact of COVID-19
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