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My name is Unnati Juneja and I am the Recruitment Advisor – North & East for Sheridan College (Sannam S4 Client). During the recent Diwali celebrations at Sannam S4, Delhi office, I received an award for the Sannam S4 Value Champion. I was honored to receive this award. A couple of days later, someone close to me asked, what this award meant –

As I understand, a Value Champion is someone who is able to understand the values of the company and align themselves with these values. Sannam S4 has certain outlines, as their values. This includes respecting our people, listen, learn, evolve and empowering them to lead and making the best decisions for our clients. 

I joined Sannam S4 in June 2016 and since then, this company has become an integral part of my growth as a person and professional. I have danced with joy in the office and cried on the shoulder of colleagues and friends at times. The teams at the office, always went a step beyond to help me and I will always be grateful.

Sannam S4 has given its employees many windows of opportunities to grow. The values of the company like respecting people and empowering them to lead and make the best decisions for the clients. These values have been integrated in the company and are made sure to be followed. The client comes first but not at the expense of an employee. The values that I identified most with is stakeholder confidence and trust through work ethic. Work ethics have been engraved in me and I have always have identified the most with Sannam S4 in this respect. This doesn’t mean that I was asked directly or indirectly to put aside my work-life balance. I have also been able to balance my personal life along with my regular travels. I’ve had the support of many teams to make sure that all the travel goes smoothly. 

The value of teamwork is a key ingredient of Sannam S4 and I am a happy and honored example of this teamwork. When I started at Sannam S4, I joined the central education team and we as a team were able to support the various clients from the backend of projects. When I needed a new role and some new learning, all I had to do was have a conversation with my manager and she encouraged me to go ahead. I learned at each step through the support and encouragement of various team members and higher up the value of teamwork and support. 

The practical side of the business has always been there but that doesn’t mean that we are not empathetical. The business side of work is always strong at Sannam S4 and we are set out to make sure that the needs of each client we serve are fulfilled. Each project is served with equal importance. The project is provided with many years of expertise of various sides – be it from the launchpad side, where we provide the expertise of market entry services or the research side – where our research team is helping them understand various markets and market requirements. At the same time, each client’s budget is handled with utmost responsibility by our central and finance teams. 

The road of learning at Sannam S4 was a steep one but it led me to discover the work I really like and love. The values that I work with as a person are similar to the company’s values. I have always taken on my work as the most important thing. I have been in situations where my ethics were on the line in the case, I wanted to increase the business. But I have always preferred doing the right thing over the business. This has led to short term loss in the numbers but in the long term – it led to much greater numbers. This is what Sannam S4 stands for as well – Short term gain overdoing the correct thing is against the company policies and values. 

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