At Sannam S4, our consultants are the sector professional who design and establish frameworks, develop and deliver solutions and take responsibility, roll up their sleeves and implement on behalf of and with our clients.

We recognize, deal with and manage risk for our clients. We also see opportunity, harness it and fulfill that opportunity for our clients.

Our reputation is not built on a global brand name. It is not built on venture-backed investment. It is not built on technological hype. It is built on our track record of delivering positive results time and time again.

We support you from the initial stages of exploring a market to managing your market entry, compliance, administration, and in-country expansion, acting as a reliable, trusted local partner.

Our success is based on


  • As an international to in-country firm, we deliver home-to-host country business support on both sides and act as a bridge between you and your target market.
  • A fully integrated suite of services delivered by one firm, to ensure continuity and business success in the market.
  • Our solutions are practical, implementation focused and results-driven. They are not theoretical.
  • We seek to fully understand your needs and then deliver bespoke solutions to meet your objectives, business model and mode of entry.
  • We are credible in all that we do, we look after your interests-our business depends on it. You can trust us to do the right thing.


  • Supporting cross border trade and investment is what we do 24×7, 365 days a year. We operate directly in some of the world’s most challenging regions, and have the experience and know how where and when you need it most.
  • We free you up to focus on your core competencies by taking care of your back-office functions and we take the worry of local compliance away from you.
  • Our end-to end support continues throughout your journey, giving you confidence that there is always someone in-country looking after your best interests.
  • Our professional success is measured by your success so our objectives are aligned.
  • The scale of our operations and the quality of our resources mean you don’t have to invest in fixed local operations costs


Our approach

We are not a think-tank. We deliver practical solutions and implement them. Our processes are robust, well ‘tried and tested’, across all industry sectors and in our markets. Our approach delivers results which enable our clients to ‘hit the ground’ running.

Our people

Born and bred in the local market, supported by 30+ years of expatriate, local market entry, experience. Our teams are a deeply blended mix of ‘local’ and ‘foreign’ professionals, all with substantial ‘cross–border’ experience. We are client focussed and operate under a set of shared values of integrity and trust. These govern what we do and we do not compromise on these qualities.

Our expertise

We employ highly-skilled, ‘in-country’ professionals across all the functional disciplines needed to deliver market entry and business expansion services, across all industry sectors in challenging markets. We bring expertise from market research, compliance, tax, accounting, business development, marketing, HR, and recruitment to deliver practical solutions to your business.


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