It’s a great honour to be recognised as a Value Champion at SannamS4. I think, more than just understanding and abiding by the values of the company, when you make them your own and you deliberately try and be a better professional and colleague each day is, in my opinion, a mark of a true leader – something I believe SannamS4 recognises and values.

I joined as a complete fresher, picked up by mentors, ladies who are at the top of their game – Lakshmi and Delia a couple of years ago. It’s only fair to say that most of how I understand and benchmark leadership in my head comes from seeing them be so good at and outside their jobs. I am truly inspired by my colleagues as well. Someone very rightly had said that ‘If you want to go faster, you go by yourself but if you want to go further, you go with others’.

Together, a lot of my mannerisms, behavior patterns shaped up from interacting with and observing my great colleagues. It’s so fun to see and learn from how amazingly they happen to excel at their interests and hobbies – the energy I pick a lot of my optimistic behavior from.

All in all, I intend to create a ripple effect of great leadership – a concept we happen to associate only with senior management. If you assist your colleague with something they’re struggling with or if you stop by and make genuine conversation with the support team in the pantry- you’re inculcating leadership behavior- within yourself and around you. I am thankful that this behavior was noticed and rewarded. Let’s all try and be the best leaders we can, every day so we create a community, organisation and eventually a country of great leaders. Thank you for all the support

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