SDG Webinar Series


SDG Workshop 3: Concept to Product – Demystifying Product Development

Date: 18 August 2021

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 PM IST

For a startup founder before he or she gets into product designing it is important to design a plan. Founders and their new team are trained in engineering and management. But for them, product development could be learning by doing exercise. Mistakes are intolerable in this journey, often costing time and money. It’s important to analyse, plan, avoid common mistakes and follow a roadmap.


Experiential Opportunities to Engage with SDGs

Join us in the third webinar of the new High School Counselling Excellence Network.

In this webinar, we will invite representatives from the non-profit community to share the volunteering opportunities they have for students.

This panel discussion is a part of a three-part webinar series focused on highlighting opportunities in sustainability for students. In the second webinar of the new High School Counselling Excellence Network, we will invite leading schools from across India to understand their school’s approach to adopting the SDGs and how they build awareness amongst students through co-curricular activities and other initiatives.

In the lead-up to our SDG Conclave in October 2021, we are keen to engage with School Counsellors from across India in a three-part webinar series focused on opportunities in Sustainability for students. This series is a continuation of our High School Counselling Excellence Network, an initiative that brings together high school counsellors to participate in a wide variety of skill-building certifications and courses.