SDG Podcast Series

Season 1: India’s CSR Policy and it’s alignment with SDGs

The CSR Law was first introduced in Indian law by the Companies Act in 2013 to engage corporations to contribute towards the economic, social and environmental development of India. Since then, it has witnessed multiple updates and revisions by high-level committees chaired by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the apex body of the Government of India tasked with the regulation of the corporate sector. In August 2019, the MCA released it’s latest high-level committee report on CSR, signaling new changes in the way corporates would be required to align their CSR activity with the Sustainable Development Goals.

In our first season of the podcast series, we will explore how this policy shift will impact the way CSR is conducted in the country and the new opportunities it will generate for knowledge institutions, both in India and abroad.

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Episode 1:  Changes in India’s CSR policy and emerging opportunities for Indian Universities

In the first episode of our series, we speak to Amit Lahiri, Chief Sustainability Officer and Founding Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CECRAS) at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU).

Amit will speak to us about the recent changes in India’s CSR policy and also describe how OP Jindal Global university engages with SDGs.

Episode 2:  Where does India Inc spend its CSR Money?

On the Sannam S4 SDG Podcast Series this week, we will try to uncover exactly where does India Inc spend its CSR money. Our guest for this week is Sannam S4’s very own, Abhinav Sood, Head of Client Relations & International Projects.

Episode 3: Can International Universities Engage In India’s CSR Space?

In September 2019, India’s Finance Minister made a landmark announcement by significantly widening the scope of CSR. Companies were finally allowed to use their CSR spending towards funding research in India’s public institutions across fields such as science, technology, medicine. In our podcast this week, we try to explore to what extent can International universities engage within India’s CSR space considering this new ruling and how can they support the country’s wider research agenda.

To provide an insider perspective on this topic, we have with us this week, Christine Potter, newly-appointed Director of Consulting, North America – for Education, Nonprofit and CSR at Sannam S4.

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