We design, implement and manage local operations

Considering your business objectives in a given market, we present a range of local market entry and expansion approaches to meet your needs. These may include finding distributors, resellers, and franchise partners, to establishing a local part or full-time presence via our In-Country Representation service. Where clients want a more formal local presence, our accounting and financial consulting team will help structure and establish the right local legal entity, we will identify potential JV partners and/or present suitable organisations for M&A activity and we will manage your local human resources needs, ensuring you are hiring the right staff, compliantly and not overpaying salaries and benefits.

Once we agree the best market entry plan, we’ll help you implement it, and as your trusted local partner, we’ll be looking after your interests every step of the way.

Establishing a Local Presence

International organisations are often unsure of what type of legal entity they should establish in a new market and whether they need one at all. There are understandable concerns about running costs, repatriation of profits, tax, HR and compliance and local management and control issues.

Sannam S4 will present a range of options for establishing a local presence and the associated pros and cons of each option. We will ensure you establish a compliant in-market presence efficiently and cost-effectively. The majority of our clients then continue to use Sannam S4 to provide their on-going local HR, compliance, tax and accounting requirements, minimizing their risk and ensuring peace-of-mind.

Implementation Services

We assess the local market, identify and select the best customers, agents, distributors, and suppliers, establish and manage the sales channels and facilitate the entire regulatory and compliance process.

Our unique In-Country representation platform goes further and enables you to continuously develop and manage your agent, supplier or customer relationships ‘on-the-ground’, resulting in improved conversion rates.

We deliver:

  • Agent, distributor, customer search and selection
  • Partner search, identification and selection
  • Due diligence on distributors and partners
  • Territory analysis
  • Facilitation of meetings and negotiations (in a culture very different to your own)
  • Facilitation of terms and agreements
  • Compliance, finance and tax

Sannam S4 is the market leader in providing ‘in-country’ local representation.

Our In-Country Representation platform is an ideal first step towards setting up a long-term presence in the market. In-Country Representation is fully compliant with all local regulations and represents a low risk, cost-effective market-entry platform.

Under the In-Country Representation model, dedicated and sector experienced local staff are recruited to your organization, who will work to your objectives, from one of our world-class offices in the selected market. Client objectives vary, from managing local agents and distributors, partner development, brand building and reputation management.

In-Country Representation enables you to build a local operation, free from the governance issues and expense of having to establish a local, legal entity and the significant tax risk of creating a permanent establishment by hiring individuals directly.

  • Dedicated local representative(s) for your business
  • World-class office environment
  • No separate legal entity is required
  • Fully compliant to local/ national regulations
  • Sannam S4 local management support
  • Finance, tax and accountancy covered
  • Payroll and expense management included

Sannam S4 has a strong track record in supporting franchise operations expand into challenging markets.

  • Territory identification
  • Franchisee search
  • Supporting development of terms of agreement sheet
  • Negotiation
  • Agreement
  • On-boarding and implementation support
  • Regulatory and compliance support
  • Customs, imports and taxation advice
  • Repatriation of profits / fees / royalties

Trusted local advice and guidance is needed when considering manufacture or operating under licence in challenging markets.

  • Partner identification
  • Due diligence
  • Terms of agreement
  • Negotiation
  • Agreement
  • On-boarding and implementation support
  • Incorporation of the legal entity
  • Obtaining local registrations, licences and permits from the local authorities
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
  • Anti-Trust competition advisory
  • Contract law advisory
  • Negotiation of agreements
  • Verification of your local business plan in-line with local parameters (benchmarking salaries, employee demands, office rental, apartment costs, etc.)

We will support you to understand the available business vehicles and their applicable formalities; corporate governance structures and requirements; foreign investment incentives and restrictions; currency regulations; and tax and employment issues.

  • Incorporation of the legal entity
  • Advice on compliance related to local foreign exchange laws
  • Obtaining local registrations, licences and permits from local authorities
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
  • Anti-Trust competition advisory
  • Contract law advisory
  • Negotiation of agreements
  • Nominee Director and Corporate Secretarial services
  • Verification of your local business plan in-line with local parameters (benchmarking salaries, employee demands, office rental, apartment costs, etc.)
  • Office premises selection and negotiation
  • Recruitment of local staff
  • HR advisory including employment contracts, employee handbooks, employee and company rights, holiday and sick pay, etc.
  • Set-up and on-going management of staff payroll
  • Relocation, registration and ‘settling-in’ services to your expatriate staff.

Our team has supported many organizations through complex, in-bound mergers and acquisitions. We are widely recognized as a trusted advisor supporting clients from identifying potential targets, due diligence, structuring and closing the deal to supporting post deal merger.

  • Brief 3rd parties [eg. clients advisers]
  • Identify potential strategic partners
  • Qualification & due diligence on acquisition targets
  • Negotiation
  • Agreement
  • Implementation
  • Incorporation of the legal entity
  • Advice on compliance related to local foreign exchange laws
  • Obtaining local registrations, licences and permits from the local authorities
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
  • Anti-Trust competition advisory
  • Contract law advisory
  • Post merger integration services

Finance & Accounting, Payroll & Expense Management

  • Day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping
  • Setup and management of employee payroll
  • Management of all banking activities
  • Maintenance of foreign inward remittance certificates, etc.
  • Regular accounts reporting (MIS) in client preferred formats
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Manage and administer all local company taxation requirements
  • Setting up insurance policies for the company and its employees
  • Payroll services
  • Management of permanent establishment (PE) risk


Expanding internationally involves adhering to a plethora of new compliance requirements, returns and filings in order to avoid being legally and financially exposed. Sannam S4 will ensure compliance, therefore minimize your risk and provide peace-of-mind.

  • Administering annual statutory requirements
  • Statutory audit
  • Internal audit
  • Tax audit
  • Financial accounting (inc. UK/US GAAP)

We identify local talent with the right balance of local knowledge and know how, with the ability of working effectively remotely within a multi-cultural business.

Our recruitment services include

  • Management of the search, interview, shortlist and appointment process
  • Staff recruitment background checks (criminal, reputation and education)
  • Industry benchmarking on salaries, benefits, healthcare and insurance
  • Issuance of offer letter and employment agreements
  • Provision of employment contracts

Our services combine initial recruitment with ongoing HR management support taking away the compliance and administrative burden from our clients.

Sannam S4 delivers bespoke local HR support to ensure the implementation of best practice and high levels of ongoing employee productivity, satisfaction and retention.

Our HR Advisory services include:

  • Employment laws and statutory labor compliance
  • Compliance for an employment entry/exit process
  • HR policies and handbooks
  • Development of privacy and data protection procedures
  • Competency framework, staff and leadership training & development
  • Organizational structuring, re-structuring and change management
  • Cultural training (locally and internationally)
  • International assignment, expatriation and repatriation

Our HR Operations services include:

  • Management of ongoing HR & employment formalities
  • On-boarding formalities and HR induction
  • Drafting and provision of employee handbooks, staff policies and company guidelines

  • Setting-up of health/life insurance benefits and the management of any claims
  • Managing the probation period end and confirmation

Our Employee Relations services include:

  • Employee compensation assessments
  • Drafting of working terms and conditions
  • Development / localization of company policies and procedures

  • Performance management and recognition processes
  • Grievance and appeals process
  • Maintenance of HR records and document management and reporting

We offer a range of flexible office solutions via our Businesses Centers that provide immediate space from which individual local representatives or small teams can operate. Within our Business Centers your local staff have full access to our comprehensive range of professional services enabling them to establish and operate effectively.



Sannam S4’s support has been invaluable to MSXI

Xavier Vandame, Managing Director, MSXI- Asia Pacific

"Sannam S4’s support has been invaluable to MSXI. Not only at the beginning when incorporating the company in a record timing but also on an on-going basis. Its team of experienced business people consistently provide easy –to understand advice and all the support services I’ve needed so far. I highly recommend Sannam S4 to any company exploring opportunities in India."

Sannam S4’s solution removes all the risk

Managing Director, Manufacturing Company

Sannam S4’s solution removes all the risk and offered us a low-risk, low-cost route of entry backed by sound and impartial advice and guidance. Adrian’s wealth of experience and his company’s unique offer is unmatched in India.

Sannam S4 has been absolutely fundamental to our recent success in India

Chris Counsell, Managing Director, Tintometer® Ltd

The market for our products has grown so rapidly in India that it is no longer sufficient to simply import, and still serve our customers adequately. Sannam S4 has been absolutely fundamental to our recent success in India and we value their experience and expertise of its consultants.