We deliver the critical business services to enable you to operate efficiently, compliantly & to prepare for scale

By delivering a comprehensive suite of local back-office support services, we enable your business to spend more time focusing on what it is in the market to do. We provide payroll, finance and accounting, tax advisory, staff recruitment, HR advisory and local serviced offices ensuring you can focus on building your local business with confidence.

Market Expansion – What we do

Setting up an entity in a new market is just the beginning of the journey. Organisations often underestimate the complexities and the resources, time and risks involved with non-compliance of statutory tax returns, HR policies, and insurances.

Our clients use Sannam S4 as their local trusted partner to deliver their on-going business support service needs ensuring their expansion is built on solid foundations and has the ability to achieve its full potential.

Our Services

Finance & Accounting, Payroll & Expense Management

  • Day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping
  • Management of all banking activities
  • Regular accounts reporting (MIS) in client preferred formats
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Expense management

  • Manage and administer all local corporate taxation requirements
  • Payroll services
  • Management of permanent establishment (PE) risk
  • Financial accounting (inc. UK/US GAAP)


Expanding internationally involves adhering to a plethora of new compliance requirements, returns and filings in order to avoid being legally and financially exposed. Sannam S4 will ensure compliance, therefore minimize your risk and provide peace-of-mind.

  • Administering annual statutory requirements
  • Managing corporate secretarial compliance
  • Management of permanent establishment (PE) risk
  • Direct tax compliance: income tax, corporate tax
  • Indirect tax compliance: GST, VAT, service tax and other local state taxes

Sannam S4 is the market leader in providing ‘in-country’ local representation.

Our In-country platform is an ideal first step towards setting up a long-term presence in the market. In-country is fully compliant with all local regulations and represents a low risk, cost-effective market-entry platform.

Under the In-country model, dedicated and sector experienced local staff is recruited to your organisation, who will work to your objectives, from one of our world-class offices in the selected market. Client objectives vary, from managing local agents and distributors, partner development, brand building and reputation management.

In-country enables you to build a local operation, free from the governance issues and expense of having to establish a local, legal entity and the significant tax risk of creating a permanent establishment by hiring individuals directly.

  • Dedicated local representative(s) for your business
  • World-class office environment
  • No separate legal entity is required
  • Fully compliant to local/ national regulations
  • Sannam S4 local management support
  • Finance, tax and accountancy covered
  • Payroll and expense management included

We identify local talent with the right balance of local knowledge and know how, with the ability of working effectively remotely within a multi-cultural business.

Our recruitment services include

  • Management of the search, interview, shortlist and appointment process
  • Staff recruitment background checks (criminal, reputation and education)
  • Industry benchmarking on salaries, benefits, healthcare and insurance
  • Issuance of offer letter and employment agreements
  • Provision of employment contracts

Our services combine initial recruitment with ongoing HR management support taking away the compliance and administrative burden from our clients.

Sannam S4 delivers bespoke local HR support to ensure the implementation of best practice and high levels of ongoing employee productivity, satisfaction and retention.

Our HR Advisory services include:

  • Employment laws and statutory labor compliance
  • Compliance for an employment entry/exit process
  • HR policies and handbooks
  • Development of privacy and data protection procedures
  • Competency framework, staff and leadership training & development
  • Organisational structuring, re-structuring and change management
  • Cultural training (locally and internationally)
  • International assignment, expatriation and repatriation

Our HR Operations services include:

  • Management of ongoing HR & employment formalities
  • On-boarding formalities and HR induction
  • Drafting and provision of employee handbooks, staff policies and company guidelines
  • Setting-up of health/life insurance benefits and the management of any claims
  • Managing the probation period end and confirmation

Our Employee Relations services include:

  • Employee compensation assessments
  • Drafting of working terms and conditions
  • Development / localization of company policies and procedures
  • Performance management and recognition processes
  • Grievance and appeals process
  • Maintenance of HR records and document management and reporting



The key thing was finding the right local people

Faisal Rahmatallah, Executive Chairman, Plastics Capital PLC

The key thing was finding the right local people, so Sannam S4 helped us with recruitment, screening candidates and arranging interviews. They recruited extremely well.

The candidates sourced were of high quality

Alison MacDougall, International Development Centre

Sannam S4 recently led the recruitment of an India – based representative for my team. The candidates sourced were of high quality and we are happy with the selected candidate. Throughout the recruitment process, Sannam S4 was very professional and provided helpful expertise

I use a service company like Sannam S4 to support all the accounting and finance operations

Xavier Vandame, Managing Director Asia Pacific. MSX International

My business model when entering into a new market (did the same in Japan, China, India, and Thailand more recently) is the same: I use a service company like Sannam S4 to support all the accounting and finance operations. There is a point when the company grows and I insource back most of those functions. With Sannam S4, I have tended to push back that time i.e. keep this arrangement longer.

It’s important to have people who can bridge cultures and understand what we are looking for

Faisal Rahmatallah, Executive Chairman Plastics Capital

Sannam S4 helped cut the costs of entering the Indian market and dealing with the complicated administration. It’s important to have people who can bridge cultures and understand what we are looking for