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The Sannam S4 “Tajness” Competition

Top 3 Winning Stories

Locked-down in the Jungle

by Anindita Halder

Gateway of Love

by Hema Ramachandran

Molly’s Thali

by Kajari Bharadwaj

About the Competition

“Imagine that when the COVID-19 lockdown started you were staying in a Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) property and were unable to leave. Choose any IHCL property worldwide. You could be in a palm fringed beach resort or at a hotel nestled in the mighty Himalayas, or perhaps you are staying at the center of an urban metropolis, or transport yourself to a moon lit night in the desert or embark on a IHCL jungle camp adventure. You decide. 

While you are in your chosen property, as you are wishing away the reality of your lockdown, you are magically transported to another time in history. 

In less than 1000 words, name the property, set the year / time period, and tell us what happened during the 90 day period that you were at that property. Be as creative as you like, bring the property and its residents/guests of the past to life, describe cuisines that make your mouth water, picture the grand vista view from your hotel suite, imagine a Moghul’s parade and their elephants marching by… Write about the events and adventures that unfolded and you experienced as you went back in history. You should include specific reference to the legacy that you leave behind having spent 90 days at that property at that point in history. A legacy which would be palpable as you walk through the hotel door later in 2020.”

Entrants were judged on their ability to bring “Tajness” to life and to carry the judges away to another era…where through reading their story they escape the here and now.

Judging Panel

Jodi Dell Leblanc

Vice President-Global Sales, IHCL, The Americas

Adrian Mutton

Founder and Chief Executive of Sannam S4

Ritika Gupta

Vice President-Markets North & West IHCL

Winners Prize!

INR 35,000 voucher

applicable at any IHCL property in India (excluding Ginger)

Breakfast per couple per stay and dinner both in the coffee shop

A Room upgrade upon availability

Prizes awarded by

Renu Basu

Senior Vice President-Global Sales and Marketing, IHCL