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Why TNE?

Sannam S4’s mission is to create impactful and affordable international learning opportunities for as many students across the world as possible. Effective Transnational Education (TNE) partnerships offer the flexibility and reduction of total cost for students who had previously not considered international education a viable option.

This dynamic creates recruitment opportunities for international universities at a time when normal mobility patterns are significantly challenged and all indications are that new models will coexist with the old.

At Sannam S4, we believe that universities and colleges who are willing to innovate and adapt to today's changing student needs will be able to create strong and sustainable international student recruitment demand. Sannam S4’s Global Gateway provides international universities and colleges a portfolio of TNE solutions while removing the barriers institutions face in finding, establishing and maintaining successful cross border relationships.

Introducing Sannam S4 Global Gateway Solutions

Through Sannam S4’s comprehensive TNE portfolio, we believe in supporting the mission of institutions in providing a quality education to students across the globe while enabling you to protect your reputation and recruitment pipeline at the same time. This ethos informs all the services we offer our partners interested in pursuing TNE.

Our TNE Solutions include:

TNE Consultancy image

TNE Consultancy

We help you build a strategic TNE plan for your institution

Global Gateway Partnerships image

Global Gateway Partnerships

We help you find the right partner and deliver demand generation for TNE programmes

TNE Compliance image

TNE Compliance

We support you with the local tax, revenue compliance and regulatory issues

Compass image


Deliver an excellent remote learning experience by blended wrap around student services

Study Hubs image

Study Hubs

A flexible learning space for students who are studying remotely

PACE image


A suite of student recruitment solutions to support you with demand generation and conversion

TNE Access image

TNE Access

An Outsourced International Partnerships Office Solution

TNE MatchmakerTM

We believe anything is possible with the right partner. And by using TNE Matchmaker, our cutting-edge TNE data mining tool, you can get a quick and easy indication of just who your potential partners might be - on the spot.

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Why work with Sannam S4 for your TNE goals?

We at Sannam S4 believe in providing a reliable, rigorous and fast tracked approach to TNE partnership development reflecting your institution’s strategic objectives and delivering sustainable outcomes.

Traditional TNE processes can be time consuming and resource intensive. It is difficult to identify a suitable match and conducting effective due diligence from a distance can be a challenge. This is where Sannam S4 will make a difference. We offer a wide portfolio of services to help you at all stages of your TNE journey - from finding you the right partner, supporting demand generation, developing or enhancing your existing strategies to assessing what might be right for your future.

Our TNE Matchmaker tool accelerates the partner search process and our unrivalled knowledge and expertise from a team of sector practitioners delivers real insight, operational effectiveness and rigorous risk management.

Operating TNE models across borders is compliance heavy and institutions need a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape to avoid pitfalls. Sannam S4 has in-house Higher Education tax and compliance experts to enable effective revenue and risk management.

This is what differentiates us from others - our ability to support the entire TNE lifecycle.

TNECONSULTANCYTNEMATCHMAKERTNE DUE DILIGENCE& COMPLIANCECHECKGGPSTUDY HUBSCOMPASSTNE RELATIONSHIPS& OPERATIONSMANAGEMENT1.We understand yourvision, mission,values and goals2.We findsuitable matches3.We undertake thoroughdue diligence andcompliance checks onpotential partners4.We partner with you tocreate sustainablepartnerships thatresonate5.We are the glue thatholds the partnershiptogether and supportdemand generation6.We support through to the end of the lifecycle with reviews, revitalisations and possible exits from existing TNE partnerships

Our Partners

We have worked with leading institutions of the world to help establish key strategic partnerships for them. Join our network of partners.

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