Somehow, the US seems comfortingly familiar to the UK higher education sector. It’s like the auntie you see every year for birthdays and Christmas.

Now a new report, commissioned by Sannam S4 and produced by the American Council on Education (ACE), finds colleges and universities in both countries do indeed see value in their bilateral ties. It’s time to spend more time with auntie.

Because there is a sense among UK colleagues that given the shared characteristics of the two markets, we ‘should be doing better’ in the US. Our recruitment numbers should be higher; our partnerships should be more extensive; programme delivery should be more creative.

The report highlights a number of opportunities for this, starting with a clearer articulation of the value proposition and ensuring US projects receive equal publicity to perhaps ‘newer’ partnerships in more unusual or niche markets.

There are plenty more recommendations in the report, so why not join us to discuss them and consider what they could mean for you?

Click here to download latest ACE – CIGE report on U.S.- U.K. Higher Education Partnerships: Firm Foundations and Promising Pathways.

Join our webinar to discuss the recommendations in the report.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
9:00 AM PDT

12:00 PM EDT

5:00 PM BST

9:30 PM IST


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