Washington, D.C., December 3, 2018

The U.S.-India Knowledge Exchange (USIKE), supported by Sannam S4 and the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), will lead a delegation of leading U.S. universities to India in January 2019 to attend meetings with senior members of the Government of India, Indian State government officials, local institutions, corporations and research funding bodies.  

“There is tremendous collaboration ongoing between U.S. and Indian organizations and the collective work impacts millions of Indian citizens through the exchange of knowledge and advances in technology, healthcare, water treatment, agricultural practice, clean energy, skill development, and job creation. The U.S. Higher Education Delegation aims to harness this momentum and develop new partnerships that will underscore the role U.S. institutions can play in creating innovative commercial ecosystems and local research initiatives surrounding India’s National and Sustainable Development Goals,” says Lakshmi Iyer, Executive Director and Head of Education, Sannam S4.

The delegation will meet a range of Indian government ministries to discuss operational and regulatory reform which, if enacted, would foster greater international higher education collaboration, drive local research and support the development of new entrepreneurship hubs in India. Delegates will have an opportunity to interface with U.S. and Indian multinationals interested in building academia-industry linkages focused on applied research, skills and the development of innovation ecosystems. The delegation will also participate in discussions with Indian corporations and philanthropists regarding the creation of new universities in the country, along with State level interest in developing Knowledge Cities.

Delegates will attend meetings in Delhi, participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in Ahmedabad and meet relevant stakeholders in Mumbai. The Delegation will begin on January 16th in New Delhi Delhi and end on January 20th in Mumbai.

The U.S.-India Knowledge Exchange was inaugurated in June 2018 in partnership with Sannam S4 and the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the Exchange is to foster greater collaboration and collaboration on a range of topics of mutual interest and benefit, focused on generating tangible outputs with substantial impact between the U.S. and India.


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