Sannam S4 Value Champion - Abhinav sood

To start with, I’m extremely grateful for the recognition and for the continued faith that Sannam S4’s leadership has shown in according me with a Value Champion for 2019. It is with great pride (and humility!) that I write this!

Since 2014, I have lived and grown with a firm that constantly seeks to re-invent and better itself each year. In such a process, the values & vision of a fast-growing organization like us continue to change & evolve, and as individuals, we strive to keep up with the pace. In this evolution, two things remain constant for Sannam S4. The first is an overarching goal to provide deep-rooted and meaningful support to our clients with the utmost integrity, honesty, and practicality; and the second is to provide space for colleagues to grow and create a footprint in their own unique way on the firm’s ethos.

I have to admit that as I accept this recognition, I find myself as a representative of the 250-odd value champions that we have in our team today and many more who have now moved on but were championed during their respective tenures. Each and every one of us has breathed and preached values within our small universe, and we continue to shine every second in our own special ways. That’s the beauty of this company and the people that drive it forward.

If you take a look at our values, you’d find them ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. In this wonderful dichotomy, each value champion that we bring into our family grows and contributes to the firm’s and stakeholders’ success. I hope to continue this trend and also support our colleagues in the same way my mentors have supported me. I always keep our values as a pillar of evaluation in each and every step that we take – and am delighted that our leaders have recognized this contribution. 

The entrepreneurial spirit will never die, but our desire for long-term results will continue to ensure that our employees, clients, and partners grow in a meaningful and sustainable manner. I am a true witness and a participant to the spectacular results of our efforts and can vouch that such growth is well-aligned with our value systems, and shall continue to be in the future.

Kudos to the team!

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