Meet the Research & Consulting Team


For those considering joining the vibrant team at Research and Consulting, there is no better advice than that of Junior Researcher Nishant Hyanki, who is excited about the scope of opportunities at R&C. “I have learnt so much whilst working here. We work on a wide variety of projects from Educational, Commercial through to Non-profit which means there is always much to learn.” It is these career development prospects that make the Research and Consulting department an attractive place to work.

Head of Research and Consulting, Hemant Rathi explains, “The roles at R&C are nothing if not creative. We need candidates with curiosity and the ability to explore and dig deep into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of things. Exceptional communication skills are needed for our detailed and fast-paced workload as is empathy. We pride ourselves on being able to work with a wide variety of stakeholders and often find ourselves managing and communicating with various team members from all walks of life so empathy is a core part of our job”.

Research and Consulting require the ability not only to communicate effectively but also to demonstrate strong data manipulation skills and good computer literacy, including MS Excel. “Critical thinkers with analytical minds are always encouraged to apply”, says Manager of Corporate and Non Profit, Prabhdeep Seth.

He is keen to point out how stimulating and rewarding the job can be. “Recently we were approached by Rainbow Homes who provide care and protection to vulnerable children. Their objective was to create a blueprint plan for sustainable growth, alternative care models, new fund mobilization and new partnerships. With our help, they designed a high-level growth strategy and identified functional models to scale up their operations. It was a project close to all of our hearts and it was an honour to work on such a worthy cause.”

Rajnish Rathi, Assistant Manager, agrees. “We never stop learning because each project is so different from the last so we are stretched as professionals and no day is the same, regardless of whether we are writing, researching or delivering projects.”

Researcher Srishti Paliwal is keen to discuss how the team collaborates remotely. “Given the WFH arrangement, we use Google Chat to stay connected throughout the day. We work in joint sessions on Google Meet/Zoom which creates a near office environment and we have a repository of work which is an online database of important project files so we can continuously share project resources and learning with other team members. We would rather be together, but the system has been a success.”

To create a positive work culture, the team have introduced ‘Fun Fridays’ and a ‘Monthly Informal Evening’ where they share appreciation and gratitude cards, enjoy informal conversations, take part in fun quizzes and even performances! The monthly evening also provides an opportunity to keep the team motivated & encouraged by awarding prizes. “Perhaps what is best about working in the field is that we don’t compartmentalise ourselves intellectually.” says Hemant. “Whether we are working on client projects, business development activities or researching and building expertise within the sectors, we thrive on the freedom our work affords us.”