Covid Response

In response to the COVID crisis in India in 2021, the Sannam S4 Group established an emergency relief fund for impactful pandemic relief programs in India.


While the devastation was worldwide, we felt the impact personally


As part of our relief effort, we converted our office in New Delhi into a vaccination centre for staff, their families and the local community. We distributed oxygen concentrators to those in need and the Sannam S4 Group team rallied together to coordinate plasma donations, medicine access and test kit distribution. In order to reach a much wider section of the population, we partnered with the nonprofit organisation GiveIndia.

We appealed to all our partners and others to support us in raising an additional $100,000. We made an initial seed contribution to GiveIndia to further fund the urgent needs of families affected by COVID in India.

In total, the Sannam S4 Group raised $140,000 for communities in India during a time of unprecedented disruption.