Recognising Privacy as a Human Right


Sannam S4 Group is proud to be taking a voluntary pledge to uphold the cause of “Privacy as a Human Right” in recognition of ‘International Data Privacy Day’ on 28th January 2023. We actively take all necessary measures for the protection and privacy of personal data that we collect and lawfully process in the course of delivery to our clients.

International Data Privacy day which is also known as ‘Privacy Day’, is celebrated each year on 28th of January. The Data Privacy Day was first celebrated by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in 2006 to mark the opening of signatures of the data protection convention, known as “Convention 108”. Convention 108 has been defined as “the seed from which the right to data protection sprouted” and is the very foundation for the Data Privacy Day.

Pledge of Data Privacy

To mark International Data Privacy Day on the 28th January this year, I hereby take a voluntary pledge to uphold the cause of “Privacy as a Human Right” by taking all steps necessary for the protection and privacy of personal data which I’ll come across in my professional and personal life. The data will be respected and treated with due regard in upholding the principles of fairness and lawfulness of the processing.

In particular:

I’ll adhere to the requirement of obtaining informed consent of the data principals or data subjects whose personal information is made available to me. I will handle the information appropriately and in accordance with the wishes expressed by the data principal aligning my actions with any applicable laws/regulations.

I’ll take necessary steps to ensure that the personal data is kept completely updated.

I’ll take necessary steps to stop using personal information if the purpose for which it was obtained has been completed.

I won’t disclose the shared personal information except under the obligation of applicable laws.

I’ll always adopt best practices to ensure the security of personal data from unauthorised access, modification or denial of access for unauthorised purposes.

I’ll adhere to the principle of minimum collection of data and purpose-oriented collection of personal data. I’ll ensure that the content is shared only on a need-to-know basis.

I’ll take all necessary steps to comply with the data protection law. I'll immediately report any suspected data breach or any other compliance requirement.

I’ll be proactive and keep myself up to date with data protection laws and spread awareness of them within the organisation. I’ll also make my professional and personal contacts aware of the law and its requirements of processing any personal data.