Sannam S4 Group Celebrates Shortlist For The Prestigious India Global Forum’s “Consultancy Of The Year” Award in Two-Year Winning Streak

27, May 2022— London, UK

Sannam S4 Group, a leading international service provider, offering businesses, universities and nonprofit organisations the support they need to enter new markets globally, has been shortlisted for the prestigious India Global Forum Awards. 

The India Global Forum awards, to be held in the UK on 1st July 2022, honour influential individuals, and business leaders who have made significant contributions to the UK-India partnership. Sannam S4 Group has been nominated and shortlisted for the “Consultancy Of The Year” category, which they have won for the past two years. The category signifies the best consultancy that has consistently worked towards improving the partnership between the two countries and making tangible positive impact.

Sannam S4 Group has been continuously contributing to the UK-India relationship for years, with Founder and Executive Chairman Adrian Mutton celebrating his 30th year of being active in UK-India relations. 

“It’s a great honor to be shortlisted for this category for the third year in a row, especially when the competition in the category is so fierce”” said Adrian.

“The nomination recognises the outstanding work that our team does on a daily basis to advance the UK-India relationship. As a smaller company, being rewarded with this nomination is humbling, especially when the competition in the category is so fierce.”

Seamless, part of Sannam S4 Group, whose client nominations helped secure the shortlist, offers a wide range of global market entry and expansion services to non profit and corporate organisations. From entity setup, and payroll, to accounting and compliance support, the product basically provides all the essential services required for business expansion. In the corporate sector, between 2021-2022, Seamless helped more than 50 UK organisations to fulfill their business ambitions. This includes:

  • Working with a supplier chain partner of JCB to support the set-up of their business.
  • Providing support to a leading digital animation provider in diverse areas.
  • Offering support to a variety of technology organisations in the creation and management of their software engineering centres.
  • Providing set-up support to a non profit organisation that works on improving air quality.

Ed Dixon, Executive Director, Seamless & Global Alliance Network said: “ I am extremely proud of the team and all that they do to meet and exceed the expectations of our Clients. The Indian marketplace has a vast appeal to businesses looking to expand their operations into the country thanks to its major economic growth as well as its impressive import and export links. Making the shortlist for the ‘Consultancy of the year’ award further amplifies the Seamless credentials of being the preferred global partner, for anyone looking to expand into India, Asia and beyond.”

Apart from Seamless, within the wider Sannam S4 Group, Acumen performs a crucial role in the education sector in both countries. In the UK, Acumen has partnered with almost 40 universities helping them market their profiles in India and attract Indian students to the universities. Acumen has a hand in facilitating 1 in 5 of the Indian students who come to study in the UK on an annual basis.  These 10k plus students together added c£168m to the UK’s education sector. In addition, Acumen has been supporting the Indian Government by providing its expert opinions on drafting the National Education Policy and holds a key position in the UK-India Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Higher Education Committee.

Sannam S4 Group’s contribution to the UK-India relationship continues to build in importance as the Honorable Minister of Commerce and Industry Mr. Piyush Goyal stated at the India Inc. India Global Forum India Week curtain raiser in London on 26th May that a UK-India Free Trade Agreement was on the cards before Diwali (October) this year. “As this FTA is implemented there will be an abundance of new opportunities for companies and universities from both countries” said Kapil Dua, Co-Founder and CEO Seamless. “Though Sannam S4 Group has won this award twice, being nominated again, truly describes the perseverance and determination to take forward this partnership to newer heights”, Dua added. 

About Sannam S4 Group

Sannam S4 Group group is a global market leader helping corporates, educational institutions, and nonprofits with the support that enables them to expand their business globally. Founded in 2008, the founders mainly focused on the education sector enabling Indian students to pursue their academics at universities overseas. Soon, they made a name for their services and were considered a trusted name in the education sector. Today, the company has offices across multiple countries and serves a good number of partners across the globe.

For more information please contact: Stacey Lane, Head of Communications

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