Sannam S4 Group Launches ‘Acumen’

Sannam S4 Group, a leading international services provider, reveal Acumen, the new name of their education business, offering a dedicated range of services to university and education partners to drive recruitment and enrolment, develop strategic partnerships and research collaboration, and provide students with optimal education options.

Sannam S4 Group has been a significant force in education since its founding in 2008, so the Acumen brand draws upon existing resources, but this new architecture enables greater focus on the brand’s core competencies. By streamlining operations and maximising efficiency, Acumen ensures partners receive the quality tailored service expected of a market leader.

“This transition is a really exciting stage of the brand’s development,” said Michael Bartlett, Acumen’s Managing Director. “It gives Acumen the potential to develop further whilst still working closely with Sannam S4 Group for the mutual benefit of both brands. Our people and partners are the most important part of our services, and this change allows us to keep that firmly in focus.”

Acumen is already the trusted partner to five of the world’s top 10 universities and dozens of universities in the top 200.  As an independent entity within the Sannam S4 Group, Acumen will expand its service offering to support more organisations and institutions within the education sector with a wider range of services, with the student always being at the centre of our thinking.

Acumen benefits from an industry-leading team of in-market practitioners, and are well placed to enhance the customer experience, drive growth and position the company for long-term success.

Sannam S4 Group is a leading international services provider, connecting our partners to key global markets to achieve their strategic goals. Since our founding in 2008 in New Delhi, we have expanded our offering from entry and expansion in India to markets across South, South East Asia, and beyond. Through our market-leading brands, Acumen and Seamless, we provide value to our clients through clearly-articulated internationalisation strategies from concept to delivery, ensuring success and sustainability. Our businesses are bound together by purpose, mission, and commitment to create positive change and winning strategies for our globally ambitious partners.

Acumen is committed to helping globally-ambitious university and education partners enter, explore and expand in North America, Asia and beyond. We offer a dedicated range of services to drive recruitment and enrolment, develop strategic partnerships and research collaboration, and provide students with optimal education options. As a result, we bring the world’s best students to your campus, utilise strategic transnational education opportunities and mitigate against risk. We operate in over 20 countries, with more than 250 industry practitioners with deep local knowledge and global expertise. We help navigate a competitive education landscape while always prioritising your success.

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