Sannam S4 Group welcomes its Gurugram workforce back into office

Until two years ago, reporting to the office for work was a way of life for most of us. Although work-from-home had its fair share of takers too. But COVID-19 changed the whole dynamic of working in a number of unprecedented ways.

Barring a handful of sectors, most of the world has been working from home for the last two years. What was once a matter of choice or even a forceful exercise for some, ceased to exist for the majority of us. There was no going to the office. Work became synonymous with sitting at home in front of the laptop, and attending non-stop Zoom calls throughout the day. So irrespective of our working choices, we started missing the office and our colleagues.

Office reopening brings fresh smiles and camaraderie 

With the pandemic finally starting to wane, and restrictions being relaxed, we are glad to be back in an office in Gurugram. Recently, we had a re-launch ceremony marked by a ribbon-cutting with our team led by Kapil Dua Sannam S4 Group co-founder and CEO of Seamless, Adrian Mutton— Sannam S4 Group Executive Chairman, Susmita Sen— Director of HR Advisory, Rahul Behti—  Director of Tax and Compliance and a number of Seamless and Sannam S4 Group team members. 

Gurugram is known as the investment hub of India. Equipped with state-of-art infrastructure and optimum availability of talent, this city ranks among the top five preferred destinations in the Asia Pacific to set up offices. It is a cosmopolitan city that attracts people from various professional backgrounds and sectors. Its close proximity to the national capital, Delhi, and the international airport only serves as an added advantage. While the city offers world-class commercial centers, entertainment hubs, and shopping complexes, it is also enriched with historical monuments and blessed with nature parks. Sannam S4 Group’s choice of Gurugram can also be attributed to the fact that it was already recruiting a lot of people from here, making it an ideal location for expansion.

“I am very excited to see the Gurugram office re-open. It demonstrates the growth of Sannam S4 Group and its expansion over the last 24 months in India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We are optimistic about the new opportunities post-pandemic arising in Gurugram.”  —Kapil Dua Sannam S4 Group co-founder and Seamless CEO

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