Sannam S4 Press Release: Group Board Appointment

Katrina Hutchings Appointed to Sannam S4 Group as Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

With 19 years of marketing and communications experience and over 10 years in senior leadership, Katrina is respected in her field thanks to her innovative and out-of-the-box approach.

Focussing on B2B, Katrina has consulted for organisations ranging from start-ups to global corporations, in a diverse mixture of sectors aligned to Sannam S4’s own strategy of education, non-profit, government, and professional services. In her own words, “A brand is not just a logo, slogan, or a business card. It’s a story, a feeling, an enriching experience with a product or service.”These are sentiments she plans to bring to Sannam S4 in her new role.

Dubbed the ‘Mary Poppins of Marketing’ by top marketing colleagues, Katrina is best known for her ability to build highly successful global marketing teams from the ground up using a human-first outlook. This organic approach to brand growth connects people, both clients and colleagues, in a meaningful and successful way.

“This is a very exciting move for me. From the start, I could see Sannam S4’s big ambition to grow and amplify their message, but with a need for expert hands to facilitate it” says Katrina Hutchings. “By working with the global team, leveraging the immense amount of knowledge and expertise internally, I am confident we will achieve both the growth and brand goals set out before us. Sannam S4’s outlook for the years ahead is exceedingly positive and I’m delighted to be part of this journey.”

“I am delighted to welcome Katrina Hutchings to Sannam S4 as she adds tremendous experience and brings great expertise and leadership qualities to the company. Our mission, to provide as many students with international study opportunities as possible, to foster more valuable cross border academic collaboration and research, to assist non-profits with the critical work they need to do internationally and to create jobs and investment for commercial exporters has never been more important” says Adrian Mutton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sannam S4. “Katrina will help us more effectively highlight the opportunities working with Sannam S4 presents, whilst clearly articulating how we solve our partner’s and client’s international challenges.”

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