The Department for International Trade invites Seamless to UK’s South Asia Overseas Referral Network

Seamless, part of Sannam S4 Group, has joined The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) South Asia Overseas Referral Network providing international expansion and advisory services to British businesses exporting to South Asia.

ESS is a UK government initiative designed to provide in-market export support and advice for UK businesses, primarily focused on high export potential SMEs as identified by DIT’s regional network in the UK. This initiative has been structured to help deliver DIT’s export strategy ambitions globally.

The challenges of accessing the international market can be a bit tricky. Businesses wishing to explore, export and understand new markets, require substantial research to ensure they make the best and most profitable decisions for their organisation. That’s where a partner like Seamless comes in.

Our team of experts guide our clients from end to end, helping build globalisation growth strategies, set up entities, run payrolls, oversee accounting and compliance, hire local teams and so much more- we handle the backend, so you can keep an eye on your goals. Our deep domain experience ensures your ability to thrive and succeed. While we understand how to best create revenue within your active market, we pride ourselves on strategies based on integrity, transparency and trust.

“Seamless has a long history of working closely with the UK government and we are delighted to join the Overseas Referral Network to support businesses from around the UK as they expand into India.  With the real possibility of a trade agreement between the UK and India in 2022, now is a great time for internationally dynamic businesses to consider their stance on India.  There is plenty of help available to support the journey and we are here to partner”, Ed Dixon, Executive Director, Seamless.

What can you expect from the Export Support Service and  Overseas Referral Network?

  • A professional in-market trade advisor will give one-on-one advice and help your business consider its next steps.
  • You will have access to a broad range of market intelligence, sector reports, and export guides.
  • Your business will also be introduced to a network of private sector service providers like accountants, and legal and sector experts, to assist with commercial issues.

A golden opportunity for Global expansion for UK business

The UK Export Support Service will be accessible through nine international market hubs North America; Latin America and the Caribbean; Africa; Europe; Eastern Europe and Central Asia; the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan; South Asia; the Asia Pacific and China.

Ready to expand your organisation by accessing the UK Export Support Service? Here’s How:

  • Step 1: Contact your local Department for International Trade (DIT) office. Enter your postcode on the website to find your nearest local trade office.
  • Step 2: The applicable team will examine your business eligibility, support options and opportunities. It will analyse your export strategy and business needs and accordingly provide you with uniquely tailored international market support.
  • Step 3: Once your eligibility is evaluated and your business is assessed properly you will be referred to an international market hub and have access to specialists for advice.

The Department for International Trade welcomed organisations like Seamless onto the Overseas Referral Network to support UK businesses and assess opportunities in targeted markets. It will provide your organisation with market intelligence, and guidance on your global expansion ambitions.

Since our story began in 2008, our goal at Seamless has been to deliver innovation and support to businesses that want to grow in India, Asia, and beyond. Seamless is the result of years of cultivation, hard work and growth of our own, and our approach reflects the values and passion we’ve put into our brand every step of the way.