Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce joins forces with Sannam S4 Group

Award winning India market specialist Sannam S4 has finalised a partnership with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. As part of this partnership, Sannam S4 will be supporting members of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce as they look to work with India, thereby supporting the Chamber’s efforts to support members as they look to work overseas.

The support Sannam S4 will provide includes hosting a series of business clinics on the Indian market. The first of these will take place on 12th September 2019.

Sannam S4’s UK Managing Director Ed Dixon commented ‘Sannam S4 is delighted to have formalised this arrangement. As a British business in India, we look forward to leveraging the skills of our 200+ person team in India to support organisations in the Greater Manchester area as they look to explore, enter and expand in India.’

Susana Cordoba, Head of International Trade, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, commented ‘India is a market that lends itself to organisations with a longer term investment horizon. The scale of the opportunity is significant, the country is reforming quickly and yet it is still not without challenges. Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is delighted to have partnered with an organisation with the credentials and track record of Sannam S4. This underlines our commitment to providing support to members when they are looking to work internationally.’

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Edward Dixon

UK Managing Director, Sannam S4

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