Sannam S4 launches ‘Seamless’ – A new brand focussed on the global expansion of commercial and nonprofit enterprises

Sannam S4 Group announced plans to take its global expansion services to the next level through the diversification and rebranding of its commercial and nonprofit operations under the Seamless name. As a reflection of the end-to-end solution that Sannam S4 Group offers – from market research and entity setup, to payroll, accounting and compliance, Seamless perfectly encompasses the services offered and optimisations delivered by an in-house team of experts and specialists from all over the world.

Seamless offers a trusted and proven set of services to the nonprofit and commercial sectors to expand in India, Asia and beyond. With over a decade of experience in India and other Asian countries, Sannam S4 Group’s Seamless brand is ideally placed to make international expansion a success for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

With its year-on-year revenue growth and deep experience in global expansion of businesses from across a wide range of sectors, it was a natural choice for the Seamless brand to evolve into a separate, specialised organisation alongside Sannam S4 Group. Under Seamless, organisations continue to benefit from a well-established brand’s expertise and extensive knowledge base. Industry experts provide a dedicated and specialised service inclusive of everything from strategy development, to the legal implications of expansion to ongoing finance and accounting support and compliance-related concerns. As a reliable and trusted partner, Seamless provides the exact foundations and support operations needed to expand practically, safely, and with all the necessary structures in place for success.

“Seamless is the next exciting chapter evolving from the extensive dedication and focus our team has put into successfully helping businesses expand internationally. We continue to see a need in the market for our specialised, dedicated solution which provides companies, nonprofits and education institutions with the local expertise and support they need to establish and grow their international activities. That’s exactly what Seamless delivers.” –Adrian Mutton, CEO & Founder, Sannam S4 Group.

While Sannam S4 Group continues to be an industry specialist, Seamless represents an entirely new era for the business – and for the organisations that work with them. To find out more about Seamless or discover how Seamless can support you in expanding across the globe, contact Seamless at directly.

For more information on Seamless, please visit or contact:

Stacey Lane – Head of Communications

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